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Indulge your senses with our selection of fresh, Chinese teas! Hand-picked and expertly brewed, you’ll find delicious notes of green tea, oolong and jasmine in our carefully curated collection. Enjoy a truly refreshing cup each time with these delicious blends that have been tailored specifically for the Australian palate. Take on a unique journey of flavours today with one of these delightful teas!


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                                    22 Products

                                    • Jasmine Dragon Pearls TeaJasmine Dragon Pearls Tea Brewed
                                      From: $18.99 / 50g

                                      Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is a reprocessed tea made from premium quality green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. It has a history of over 1,000 years and was offered as a form of tribute during the Qing Dynasty. Each leaf is a round shape and covered with white fuzz – it looks like a pearl. The taste is very fresh, long-lasting and mellow, combining with a full jasmine flavor. The aftertaste is sweet and lingering. The tea is bright yellow-green and without any impurity.

                                    • Dongting Mountain Pi Lo Chun (Bi Luo Chun)Dongting Mountain Pi Lo Chun (Bi Luo Chun) Out of Stock
                                      From: $37.99 / 50g

                                      Biluochun is one of the top-ten Chinese teas. It grows in the mountains of West and East Dongting in Suzhou and is made using a bud with a single leaf. Good-quality Biluochun leaves look like birds’ tongues; the dry leaves are tightly curled and silvery green with fuzzy white hair.

                                      Our special Biluochun is picked before Pure Brightness (Apr.4th, 5th, or 6th), and is also called ‘Mingqian Biluochun’. It tastes extraordinarily delicate and fresh – like the earliest spring day on the tip of the tongue.

                                    • Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong TeaTaiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea
                                      From: $24.99 / 50g

                                      Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea is another typical representative of Taiwan High Mountain Tea, produced in the Dong Ding Mountain area, Fenghuang Village, Lugu Township.

                                      The reason for Dong Ding Oolong is so-called ‘Dong Ding’ is because ‘Dong Ding’ in Chinese Mandarin means ‘frozen peak’, which used to vividly describes the nature of the landscape in this part of Taiwandescribe how steep the mountain is and climbers have to walk on their tiptoes so-called ‘Frozen Peak’. Actually, Dong Ding Mountain is very steep, people have to walk on their tiptoes to climb it. And the phrase in the Taiwanese Hokkien or Minnan language, people means use ‘grasping the peak’ to describe it which equals ‘frozen peak’ in Mandarin.

                                    • Premium Century-Old Wuyi Hui Yuan Shui XianPremium Century-Old Wuyi Hui Yuan Shui Xian
                                      From: $95.99 / 30g

                                      Our premium Wuyi Hui Yuan Shui Xian was produced in the most scenic Wuyi Mountain area – the “Hui Yuan” pit. “Hui Yuan” pit is one of the “Zheng Yan” tea plantations which is considered as the origin of the best quality of Wuyi rock tea.

                                      There are three kinds of Shui Xian tea trees: Shui Xian (with over 30 years old), Gao Cong Shui Xian (30 to 60 years’ history) and Lao Cong Shui Xian (the oldest tea tree which is over 60 years old). The tree age of our premium Wuyi Shui Xian is over 100 years which is the real “Lao Cong” Shui Xian tea, which has a very impressive and charming “Yan Yun” taste.

                                      You can easily smell how delicate the tea is even without brewing. The unique and long-lasting orchid aroma is combined with charming and rocky “Lao Cong” taste. With just one sip of the tea you will never ever forget the tea.

                                    • Premium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui OolongPremium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui Oolong
                                      From: $58.99 / 30g

                                      The Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui is another very famous Wuyi “Rock tea” in addition to the Wuyi Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao). It is produced from the “Hu Xiao” (Tiger Roaring) Cliff inside the scenic area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province.

                                      Our premium Wuyi Rou Gui oolong tea comes from the traditional “Ban Yan” (AKA red siallite soil) tea plantation called “Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui”. Nowadays, due to the superior tea growing environment in “Tiger Roaring Rock” area and the continuous improvement of tea processing technology, the quality of the Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui is very close to the tea comes from “Zheng Yan” area (AKA purple glutenite soil).

                                      The cinnamon aroma of this premium Wuyi Rou Gui is dominating and aggressive. It has a lightly baked caramel and special rocky flavour. No one who has tasted the tea can deny the charm of the Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui. The aggressiveness of the tea in your throat is like an emperor, pioneering the territory, leading your gustation, invading your throat, and establishing his empire.

                                      People love it deeply because of its unusual warm and pleasant long-lasting flavour of pungency.

                                    • Wuyi Shui Xian OolongWuyi Shui Xian Oolong
                                      From: $21.99 / 30g

                                      Wuyi Shui Xian is another very famous Wuyi Rock tea expect Wuyi Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao). It is produced in the Wuyi Mountain area in Fujian Province. This tea is baked with medium fire by experienced tea master.

                                      Our standard Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong tea comes from ‘Ban Yan’ tea plantation where located beyond the core scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain but still inside the scenic area. There are three kinds of Shui Xian Tea Tree which includes ordinary Shui Xian whose age is not over 30 years, Gao Cong Shui Xian who normally has 30 to 60 year’s history and Lao Cong Shui Xian which is the oldest tea tree over 60 years’ old. In order to offer affordable but still has very impressive delicious taste’s Wuyi Shui Xian, we pick one of the ‘Lao Cong Shui Xian’ whose age is over 60 years but less than 100 years’ old. Although it is not old enough to have the very special charming part of centurial or millennial Shui Xian, but you can feel a little bit of ‘Lao Cong’ from this Shui Xian Oolong tea.

                                    • Lushan Cloud-fog (Lushan Yun Wu)Lushan Cloud-fog (Lushan Yun Wu)
                                      From: $18.99 / 50g

                                      Lushan Cloud-fog is one of the top-quality green teas which produced from Lushan Mountain in Jiu Jiang City, Jiangxi province. It is named after its producing area – Lushan Mountain. Lushan Yun Wu tea has been listed as a tribute tea since the Song dynasty. It was first planted in Buddhist temples and was called ‘Buddhist Tea’ in China. This tea originated from the Ming Dynasty, many literary wrote a lot of well-known beautiful poems about Lushan Yun Wu.

                                    • Jasmine Mao Jian Green TeaJasmine Mao Jian Green Tea Low stock
                                      From: $31.99 / 50g

                                      Our Jasmine Mao Jian is made by Mao Jian green tea which scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. Mao Jian green tea is of the “one bud one leaf” picking standard and the green tea leaves are covered with sliver white fuzzy. What’s special with this picking standard is that the teas made by these tea leaves will have very fresh and lingering taste when compared with other Jasmine. It brings the freshness of early spring and the blossoming jasmine flower directly to your mouth and throat.

                                    • Jasmine Bai Yu Luo Green TeaJasmine Bai Yu Luo Green Tea Low stock
                                      From: $21.99 / 50g

                                      Our Jasmine Bai Yu Luo uses high-quality green tea from Yunnan as the based tea material, scented with fresh jasmine blossoms from Heng County, Guangxi. It has a mixed fresh green tea taste with a wonderful and sweet jasmine fragrance. Its mellow aroma can allow multiple infusions.

                                      The quality grade of the tea is quite high since it was hand-made b professional tea makers. The appearance of it is also adorable and looks like a snail. Because of its unique appearance, it also has a very high artistic appreciation value.

                                    • Jasmine Girl's Ring (Nv'er Huan)Jasmine Girl's Ring (Nv'er Huan)
                                      From: $24.99 / 50g

                                      The Jasmine Girl’s Ring is named because the appearance of it looks like the earrings which belong to one kind of craft teas. It uses high-quality green tea from Yunnan as raw material and then be scented with fresh jasmine blossoms in Guangxi. The aroma of it is overwhelming and pleasing loved by many tea lovers.

                                      The quality grade of it is excellent delicate and made by hand carefully. Because of its unique appearance, it also has very high artistic appreciation value.

                                    • Qiandao Lake Dragon Well Tea (Longjing)Qiandao Lake Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) Out of Stock
                                      From: $48.99 / 50g

                                      Longjing is a very famous Chinese green tea, well known among Chinese tea lovers. Longjing is famous for its natural verdant color, beautiful leaf shape, rich fragrance and mellow taste. The highest-grade Longjing comes from the West Lake mountains; cheaper, second-grade Longjing is produced in areas such as Qian Tang and Yuezhou, beyond the West Lake mountains but still inside Zhejiang province. This special Longjing green tea comes from the Qiandao Lake area. The more premium version of Longjing is the West Lake Longjing.

                                      Longjing tea leaves are flat, straight and green. The best Longjing is made using one bud or one bud with one leaf, only the most delicate buds are picked. This Longjing tastes fresh and sweet, with a soothing aroma and a hint of chestnut.

                                    • Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (Huangshan Maofeng)Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (Huangshan Maofeng)
                                      From: $27.99 / 45g

                                      Yellow Mountain Fur Peak is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. It comes from the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) area in Anhui province. On 26 March 2007, Chinese President Hu Jintao attended the ‘China National Year’ exhibition held in Russia and brought four famous Anhui teas, including Huangshan Maofeng, as a gift for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

                                      There is no doubt that Huangshan Maofeng is a first-class green tea. It is made using only the bud and the first one, two or three leaves on the branch. It has a delicate orchid fragrance and a very fresh flavor.

                                    • Que She (Sparrow’s Tongue)Que She (Sparrow’s Tongue) Samples Left
                                      From: $44.99 / 50g

                                      Que She is named for its small and delicate shape which looks like the tongue of a sparrow tongue, originating from the Yibin City, Sichuan province.

                                      Not all fresh tea leaves can be used as the raw material of making Que She, only the freshest tea leaves of the small-leaf tea species can do. Actually, any tea that has the shape of a sparrow’s tongue can be considered as Que She, no matter it is from the Zhe Jiang, Jiang Su, or Anhui province.

                                      Our Yibin Que She is no doubt of very high quality and owns a very good reputation among green tea lovers. The history of it being paid tribute to the imperial palace can be traced back to the Tang dynasty. Que She is considered as one of the rarest Chinese green teas due to its unique flavour and its relatively higher prices when compared to other green teas in the Chinese tea market. The polyphenolic compounds and the content of amino acids inside Que She tea leaves are about 10% higher than other teas.

                                    • West Lake Dragon Well Tea (Longjing)West Lake Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) Low stock
                                      From: $169.99 / 50g

                                      Xihu Longjing (West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea) is a very famous Chinese green tea, well known among Chinese tea lovers. Longjing is famous for its natural verdant color, beautiful leaf shape, rich fragrance and mellow taste.

                                      The West Lake Longjing producing area can be divided into two parts: first-grade producing zone and second-grade producing zone where should not outside the 168 square kilometers of the west lake protection zone designated by the people’s government of Hangzhou. Our top-class Longjing is produced in one of these areas – ‘Meijiawu’ Village which belongs to the first-grade producing zone.

                                      Because there is a limited area around West Lake for these real Longjing to be cultivated and the whole production process is all handmade; therefore, the yield of it is extremely low and the price of it is extraordinarily high. Especially, our West Lake Longjing is picked before Qingming (the fifth Chinese solar term, 4, 5 or 6 April), that’s why our Longjing is also called as ‘Mingqian’ Longjing green tea. It is the most tender and freshest one with rare yield compared with other Longjing tea. As a result, the price of this typical ‘Mingqian’ West Lake Longjing is almost four times higher than the Longjing comes from other origins picked on or after Qingming.

                                      Our premium West Lake Longjing belongs to No.43 species. This species is an excellent variety improved by tea research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences based on the Group Species. It belongs to asexual reproduction, shrub type, early growth species. The whole tea plant is short, the leaves is slender, the fertility of it is strong. Longjing No.43 retains the fine quality of the Group Species, meanwhile without its bitterness and astringency, tastes very fresh and elegant.

                                    • Green Tip Tea (Xinyang Maojian)Green Tip Tea (Xinyang Maojian) Brewed Low stock- 35 % Off
                                      From: $48.99 / 50g

                                      Xinyang Maojian is a well-known Chinese green tea produced in Xinyang City, Henan province. It is made using one bud with one, two or three leaves, according to the grade. The dry tea leaves are straight, thin and evenly shaped, and covered with abundant white fuzz.

                                      Our Xingyang Maojian is Yuqian tea with high grade  made from leaves picked before the Grain Rain (19, 20 or 21 April). Temperatures during this period are high, which causes the tea leaves to grow relatively fast; the leaves are also rich in accumulated substances. The taste is normally very fresh with a strong, invigorating aroma and a sweet lingering fragrance.

                                    • Premium Monkey Village Monkey Tea (Taiping Houkui)Premium Monkey Village Monkey Tea (Taiping Houkui)
                                      From: $45.99 / 30g

                                      Taiping Houkui was one of the teas given as a present to Russian President Vladimir Putin by Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2007. It is also a first-class green tea, made of a bud with two leaves standard. The leaves are long, fleshy, robust, flat and straight.

                                      This premium grade Taiping Houkui tea belongs to traditional group species, its cultivar is Shi Da Cha. It comes from Monkey Village (Hou-pit), Huangshan Area, Anhui province. It is made in a traditional way: each leaf is hand-selected and adjusted. The tea is produced without the use of any chemical protection products for plants.

                                    • Anji White Tea (An Ji Bai Cha)Anji White Tea (An Ji Bai Cha)
                                      From: $33.99 / 45g

                                      Anji White Tea is produced in Anji County, Hu Zhou City in Zhejiang Province. It does not actually belong to Chinese white tea, instead, it is a kind of Chinese green tea. That’s because Chinese tea is classified by its processing method, and Anji White tea is produced using the same processing method as green tea. People call it as white tea is because Anji White Tea is a special species and in early spring, when the temperature is extremely low, the sprouting tea buds of Anji White tea are jade white. The colour of the tea buds will turn into green just like the normal tea leaves after a month.

                                      Our Anji White Tea is picked before Pure Brightness (Apr.4th, 5th, or 6th), as a result, belonging to ‘Mingqian tea’. The taste of this tea is extraordinarily fresh and tender just like tasting the early spring. It also has very attractive orchids aroma with long-lasting sweet aftertaste without any bitterness.

                                    • Wuzi Xian HaoWuzi Xian Hao - 35 % Off
                                      From: $43.99 / 50g

                                      Wuzi Xian Hao is one of the Chinese green teas which produced in Xixiang County, Hanzhong City, Shanxi province. The taste is extraordinary fresh and tender combined with a hint of chestnut aroma, has a lingering aftertaste.

                                      Due to the superior growing environment, Wuzi Xian Hao contains plenty of the most precious elements such as zinc and selenium which may be good for your health.

                                    • White Peony Tea (Bai Mudan)White Peony Tea (Bai Mudan)
                                      From: $24.99 / 40g

                                      White Peony is one of the most famous Chinese white teas. It is mainly produced in Fujian province and is made using a single bud and two leaves. Picking time is around Pure Brightness. It is less scarce and expensive than White Needle.

                                      The tea leaves are corrugated, the edges slightly jagged. The backs of the leaves are covered with white fuzz. During brewing, the green leaves open up to reveal the delicate buds like blooming peonies.

                                      White Peony tastes sweet and mellow, with a very sweet aftertaste. It brings a distinctly refreshing sensation. Along with floral and grassy flavor.

                                    • White Hair Silver Needle Tea (Baihao Yinzhen)White Hair Silver Needle Tea (Baihao Yinzhen)
                                      From: $74.99 / 50g

                                      Silver Needle White Tea is a well-known Chinese white tea, but very expensive due to a very small yield. It is produced in Fujian province in China, using the most delicate buds picked when the very first tea leaves are appearing in the spring. Only the buds are used – no leaves or stem at all.

                                      The Silver Needle White Tea bud is large,strong and fat. It is long and straight and covered in a pale, silvery-white fuzz resembling a white coat. The tea tastes very fresh and light, with a hint of fresh smoke and fruit and an aroma of wildflowers combined with a hint of honey. It has a long-lasting, sweet aftertaste.

                                      Picking methods are complex, even for an extremely experienced tea worker. A day’s yield will not exceed 50kg.

                                    • 2019 The King of Peony White Tea2019 The King of Peony White Tea
                                      From: $30.99 / 40g

                                      This premium grade of White Peony was made in 2019, and comes from Pan Xi Town, Fu Ding City, Fujian province. It is of one tea bud with one or two leaves picking standard. The picking time is limited which makes it more expensive than other white peony teas.

                                      White peony has rich nutrients and antioxidants while has less caffeine. The taste is very refreshing together with a light sweetness and floral and fruity aroma. The tea is very popular among tea lovers.

                                    • Lu'an Leaf (Liu'an Guapian)Lu'an Leaf (Liu'an Guapian) Low stock
                                      From: $29.99 / 50g

                                      If Longjing and Biluochun are the taste of early spring, then Lu’an Guapian, picked during the Grain Rain, is the taste of late springtime. It tastes very fresh, with a mellow and sweet aftertaste and a light chestnut aroma. Its sweet flavor can linger in the mouth and throat for a very long time, evoking a strong nostalgia for the end of spring.

                                      Lu’an Guapian is produced in Yu’an district, Lu’an City, and in the Qitou Mountain area and the adjacent Jinzhai and Huoshan Villages in the Dabie Mountains. While other green teas use both leaves and buds, Lu’an Guapian is the only tea in the world that uses only leaves, with no stem or bud. The leaves are flat and have a narrow oval shape, like a melon seed.

                                      In July 1971, a quantity of Lu’an Guapian was given as a national gift to the US Secretary of State.