2019 The King of Peony White Tea

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About 2019 The King of Peony White Tea

This premium grade of White Peony was made in 2019, and comes from Pan Xi Town, Fu Ding City, Fujian province. It is of one tea bud with one or two leaves picking standard. The picking time is limited which makes it more expensive than other white peony teas.

White peony has rich nutrients and antioxidants while has less caffeine. The taste is very refreshing together with a light sweetness and floral and fruity aroma. The tea is very popular among tea lovers.

Appearance & Taste

2019 The King of Peony White Tea

The tea leaves are corrugated, and the edges are slightly jagged. The backs of the leaves are covered with white fuzz. During brewing, the green leaves unfold to reveal the delicate buds like blooming peonies. The tea soup is clear bright yellow.

It has a combined taste including the freshness of Sliver Needle White tea and the mellow sweetness of White Peony tea. You may also taste a bamboo leaf flavour with a floral and fruity aroma, together with a distinctly refreshing sensation and a long-lasting aftertaste.

Taste: Bamboo, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Sweet

Brewing Guide

3 teaspoon(s)

90°C (125ml)

5-6 mins


6 tsp

90°C (250ml)

5-6 mins


12 tsp

90°C (500ml)

5-6 mins


  • Warm the tea ware with hot water. Discard the water.
  • Add 5g tea leaves for 110ml Gai wan or 1g tea for 30ml to 50ml water, adjust by personal taste.
  • Fill the tea ware up with hot water (90°C).
  • Infuse tea for around 30s, the second time is around 35s, then gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing
  • Can be refilled 4-5 times.



This White Peony King white tea comes from the Panxi Town, Fu Ding City, Fujian province. The Panxi Town locates in a remote area, where the transportation is not as good as in big cities and this keeps the deep mountain area intact.

Panxi is regarded as an ecological town due to its 88% forest coverage rate and 96% greening rate. The vegetation is lush and the sea level there is high over 500 meters. There are abundant weathering rocks inside the soil which contain rich organic matter and minerals, providing a superior environment for growing tea trees.

Origin: Fujian


Picking Tea

The picking time of White Peony King during the year is short, only around 3-5 days.

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