Anhui Tea

As one of the agricultural regions and an important place for tea production, Anhui is one of the most interesting of all provinces in China. Additionally, it comprises a variety of geographical regions like plains and mountains that aid in its tea production and quality. With a rich history of brewing fine teas, this area is renowned for its smooth and mellow flavours. Our selection of teas from Anhui offers an array of aromas and deliciously fragrant notes to enjoy.


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                                    5 Products

                                    • Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (Huangshan Maofeng)Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (Huangshan Maofeng) Low stock- 20 % Off
                                      From: $27.99 / 45g

                                      Yellow Mountain Fur Peak is one of the most famous Chinese green teas. It comes from the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) area in Anhui province. On 26 March 2007, Chinese President Hu Jintao attended the ‘China National Year’ exhibition held in Russia and brought four famous Anhui teas, including Huangshan Maofeng, as a gift for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

                                      There is no doubt that Huangshan Maofeng is a first-class green tea. It is made using only the bud and the first one, two or three leaves on the branch. It has a delicate orchid fragrance and a very fresh flavor.

                                    • Premium Monkey Village Monkey Tea (Taiping Houkui)Premium Monkey Village Monkey Tea (Taiping Houkui) - 20 % Off
                                      From: $45.99 / 30g

                                      Taiping Houkui was one of the teas given as a present to Russian President Vladimir Putin by Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2007. It is also a first-class green tea, made of a bud with two leaves standard. The leaves are long, fleshy, robust, flat and straight.

                                      This premium grade Taiping Houkui tea belongs to traditional group species, its cultivar is Shi Da Cha. It comes from Monkey Village (Hou-pit), Huangshan Area, Anhui province. It is made in a traditional way: each leaf is hand-selected and adjusted. The tea is produced without the use of any chemical protection products for plants.

                                    • Keemun Black Tea (Qimen)Keemun Black Tea (Qimen)
                                      From: $22.99 / 50g

                                      Keemun Black Tea is a famous and historic Chinese black tea produced in Qimen County, Huangshan City in Anhui province. Keemun has a reputation as the best Chinese black tea, and is also known overseas. It is praised by the Queen and the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, which is one reason it is called ‘the queen of black tea’. Our Keemun Black Tea was produced in the spring of 2019.

                                      The producing area has excellent natural conditions for tea cultivation, including mountain forests, a warm and humid climate, deep soil layers, abundant rainfall and frequent cloud and fog. The tea leaves are therefore rich in content, with high enzyme activity.

                                    • Lu'an Leaf (Liu'an Guapian)Lu'an Leaf (Liu'an Guapian) - 20 % Off
                                      From: $29.99 / 50g

                                      If Longjing and Biluochun are the taste of early spring, then Lu’an Guapian, picked during the Grain Rain, is the taste of late springtime. It tastes very fresh, with a mellow and sweet aftertaste and a light chestnut aroma. Its sweet flavor can linger in the mouth and throat for a very long time, evoking a strong nostalgia for the end of spring.

                                      Lu’an Guapian is produced in Yu’an district, Lu’an City, and in the Qitou Mountain area and the adjacent Jinzhai and Huoshan Villages in the Dabie Mountains. While other green teas use both leaves and buds, Lu’an Guapian is the only tea in the world that uses only leaves, with no stem or bud. The leaves are flat and have a narrow oval shape, like a melon seed.

                                      In July 1971, a quantity of Lu’an Guapian was given as a national gift to the US Secretary of State.

                                    • Premium Keemun Black Tea (Qimen)Premium Keemun Black Tea (Qimen)
                                      From: $58.99 / 50g

                                      Our Premium Keemun Black tea is of a higher grade than the standard Keemun Black Tea. Only one bud is taken with one leaf, and the picking time is earlier in the year; the tea leaves are therefore more delicate. There is more fur exposed on each leaf, and the taste of the tea is fresher.