All our green teas were produced in the nearest spring (around March & April every year). We don’t sell green teas that are over one year old in order to offer the best freshness to green tea lovers like you!

We also store our green tea inventory in fridges to keep the freshness as much as we can. This can ensure that you still can have the best taste and flavour even months after the production in spring.

The taste and smell of some types of teas get better as time goes by while the others go another way around, as shown below:

The-older-the-better teas: white teas, Pu-erh teas, dark teas – These teas have no expiration dates.

The-fresher-the-better teas: green teas (18 months), oolong teas (18-36 months), black teas (36 months)

The number of months in the latter ones is “best before” only – Generally speaking if they are stored well, you can still drink the teas without any concerns although their taste may not be as good as before.

All our teas are imported from China. They are from different provinces – Please check each individual tea product page for more origin information.

Absolutely! You can add a sample to the cart from every loose-leaf tea and tea cake product page.

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid high temperature
  • Avoid moisture
  • Avoid odorous places

It’s also highly recommended to place in fridges for all types of green teas and Ti Kwan Yins.

Yes, all teas contain caffeine – Some have lower while some have higher caffeine levels. You may browse different caffeine levels of teas via the following links:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide medical advice for those who are pregnant/breastfeeding. Please chat with your health care professional for recommendations.

We are sorry to hear this! Please let us know your preferred tea and we will take into consideration having it included in our stock 🙂


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