Jasmine Bai Yu Luo Green Tea

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About Jasmine Bai Yu Luo Green Tea

Our Jasmine Bai Yu Luo uses high-quality green tea from Yunnan as the based tea material, scented with fresh jasmine blossoms from Heng County, Guangxi. It has a mixed fresh green tea taste with a wonderful and sweet jasmine fragrance. Its mellow aroma can allow multiple infusions.

The quality grade of the tea is quite high since it was hand-made b professional tea makers. The appearance of it is also adorable and looks like a snail. Because of its unique appearance, it also has a very high artistic appreciation value.

Appearance & Taste

Jasmine Bai Yu Luo Green Tea

The tea leaves are curly just like a snail, covered with sliver white fuzzy. The tea soup is full of jasmine aroma, which tastes smooth and pleasant. The wonderful jasmine fragrance melts into the fresh green tea soup giving you a taste of sweetness and a long-lasting aftertaste. The colour of the tea soup of this jasmine tea is bright & clean golden without any impurity.

Taste: Floral, Fresh, Jasmine, Sweet

Brewing Guide

1 teaspoon(s)

85°C (125ml)

3-5 mins


2 tsp

85°C (250ml)

3-5 mins


4 tsp

85°C (500ml)

3-5 mins


Recommended using the bottom-drop Method:

  • Warm the teaware with hot water. Discard the water afterward
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea for teacup/gaiwan (125ML), 2 teaspoons for glass (250ML) and 4 teaspoons for teapot (500ML)
  • Pour hot water (85°C) into the teaware until it is one-third full
  • Tilt the glass cup, slowly rotating it twice (this is to ensure a better infusion)
  • Pour hot water (85°C) into the teaware until it is 70% full
  • Infuse tea for around 3-5 minutes
  • Drink until 1/3 of the tea is left before refilling
  • Repeat a total of seven or more times
  • Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews



Use the high-class green tea from Yunnan as a tea base, and scented in Heng County, Guangxi.

Origin: Guangxi, Yunnan

Picking & Production

Picking Tea

Ingredients: Premium quality green tea leaves scented by fresh jasmine blossoms.

Making Process: Making Process: Jasmine Tea is always made in the middle of the night: this is because jasmine flowers only bloom at night, giving the tea leaves the freshest jasmine fragrance. To make the jasmine tea pearls, the leaves are carefully layered with fresh and seasonally harvested jasmine blossoms, ensuring the tea leaves can slowly absorb the floral fragrance. In the morning, the flowers are removed. The whole process is then repeated when night falls again until the tea aroma and floral fragrance are perfectly balanced.

6 reviews for Jasmine Bai Yu Luo Green Tea

  1. English


    Delicate jasmine tea where jasmine flavour is not too overpowering. Do not taste the bitterness as in lower quality jasmine teas. Overall great.

  2. English


    This green tea is excellent. Fresh with the lovely scent of Jasmine, it’s fast become my favourite.

  3. English


    Finally, a jasmine tea that actually tastes like real jasmine. You can tell there are no artificial flavours in this one – just real jasmine.

  4. English


    This has quickly become my favourite green tea. I love the look of the coiled tea leaves and the jasmine flavour accent really comes through.

  5. English

    Lucy H.

    This jasmine tea is delicious and refreshing as well as energising! Great value and a great product – I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good jasmine tea.

  6. English

    Annabelle M.

    The perfect balance between fresh green tea and the luscious taste and scent of jasmine flowers. As an added bonus, you can make several pots from the same serving of tea and enjoy as the flavours unfold and evolve with every refill. Excellent value for money.

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