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About Wuzi Xian Hao 2024

Wuzi Xian Hao is one of the Chinese green teas which produced in Xixiang County, Hanzhong City, Shanxi province. The taste is extraordinary fresh and tender combined with a hint of chestnut aroma, has a lingering aftertaste.

Due to the superior growing environment, Wuzi Xian Hao contains plenty of the most precious elements such as zinc and selenium which may be good for your health.

Appearance & Taste

Wuzi Xian Hao

The shape of Wuzi Xian Hao is flat, and after brewing, it looks like an orchid. The color of the tea leaves is in vivid green, covered with white fuzzy. The tea soup is very clear, in fresh yellow-green color. Since it is ‘Mingqian’ tea (Picked during The Pure Brightness (Apr.4th, 5th, or 6th) ), its taste is extraordinarily fresh and tender combined with a hint of chestnut aroma, has a long-lasting flavor. When drinking the tea, the smoothness of the tea will suddenly comfort your throat and your mouth will be filled with fresh sweetness. When brewing the tea, it is really a pleasant moment to watch the tea leaves dancing up and down like a blooming flower.

Taste: Floral, Fresh, Grassy, Sweet

Brewing Guide

2 teaspoon(s)

80°C (125ml)

1 mins


4 tsp

80°C (250ml)

1 mins


8 tsp

80°C (500ml)

1 mins


Recommend using Bottom-Drop Method:

  • Warm the teaware with hot water. Discard the water afterward
  • Add 2 teaspoons of tea for teacup/gaiwan (125ML), 4 teaspoons for glass (250ML) and 8 teaspoons for teapot (500ML) or 4g for 200ml hot water.
  • Pour hot water (80°C) into the teaware until it is one-third full
  • Tilt the glass cup, slowly rotating it twice to ensure a better infusion
  • Pour more hot water (80°C) into the teaware until it is 70% full
  • Infuse the tea for around 1 minute, (if using gaiwan gongfu style, the first brew can be around 10s, the second round is about 20s)
  • Drink until 1/3 of the tea is left before refilling
  • Can refill up to 3 times
  • Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews



Wuzi Xian Hao is produced in the valley of Qinling Mountains in Xixiang County, Hanzhong City, Shanxi province. Qinling Mountains are well-known as the hometown of the tea where the ecological environment is very superior. The annual average temperature is 14.7℃ and with a rainfall amount of 1000mm to 1500mm. The altitude is from 600 meters to 1200 meters, and the soil is slightly acidic with a very high percentage of organic substances. Also, since the tea plantation locates in the north-south area of China where the north and south climates are combined, tea trees there are growing extraordinary lush because of the freshest air and the most fertile soil, which help Wuzi Xian Hao grow up with plenty of useful elements that are good for your body such as zinc, selenium and so on.

Origin: Shanxi

Picking & Production

Picking Tea

Our Wuzi Xian Hao is ‘Mingqian’ tea. Mingqian tea refers to the tea plucked before The Pure Brightness (April 4th, 5th, or 6th). Tea workers only pick the tea tree buds that just emerged in spring. The tea picked during this period is the tenderest with a touch of scent. Since the slow growth, the Mingqian tea is made of nearly 100% of the most tender buds. Due to the low temperature before The Pure Brightness, the number of tea buds is very limited, and the growth rate is quite low, hence the yield of tea under the strict picking standard is very small. As a result, there is a saying that goes ‘Mingqian teas are as expensive as gold’.

Approximate substance and microelement amount:

Substance / MicroelementAmount
Tea amino acids3.5-5.23%
Tea polyphenols32.87%
Water Extracts44.57%
Zinc53.5-67.5 μg/g
Selenium0.858 μg/g

5 reviews for Wuzi Xian Hao 2024

  1. English


    Slightly nutty, but mostly just light and fragrant.

  2. English


    My herbalist recommended this tea and I thought it wouldn’t taste very good but I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. English

    Callum R.

    A delicious herbal tea with a lovely aroma and the perfect balance of flavours. I have recommended this to all my friends who like traditional green tea.

  4. English

    Keira M.

    An uplifting, fresh tea packed with micronutrients to nourish your body. An excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle

  5. English

    Jorja P.

    The gorgeous green leaves create a fresh flavour that tastes like mild chestnut. The leaves are beautiful to watch when brewing as they seem to dance in the water.

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