Jasmine Girl’s Ring (Nv’er Huan)

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About Jasmine Girl's Ring (Nv'er Huan)

The Jasmine Girl’s Ring is named because the appearance of it looks like the earrings which belong to one kind of craft teas. It uses high-quality green tea from Yunnan as raw material and then be scented with fresh jasmine blossoms in Guangxi. The aroma of it is overwhelming and pleasing loved by many tea lovers.

The quality grade of it is excellent delicate and made by hand carefully. Because of its unique appearance, it also has very high artistic appreciation value.

Appearance & Taste

Jasmine Girl's Ring (Nv'er Huan)

The overall shape is ring-shaped looks like the earrings. Covered with white fuzzy, emerald green dimly glimmered in silver colour. After brewing, the tea leaves will be stretched, the colour of the tea leaves is clear bright green, the overall shape is just like a flower in full bloom. The tea soup of this Jasmine tea is bright clean golden without any impurity.

The taste of it is mellow Jasmine flavour combined with very clean and fresh green tea scent.  The aftertaste is sweet and lingering.

Taste: Floral, Fresh, Jasmine, Sweet

Brewing Guide

1 teaspoon(s)

85°C (125ml)

3-5min mins


2 tsp

85°C (250ml)

3-5min mins


4 tsp

85°C (500ml)

3-5min mins


Recommended using the bottom-drop Method:

  • Warm the teaware with hot water. Discard the water afterward
  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea for teacup/gaiwan (125ML), 2 teaspoons for glass (250ML) and 4 teaspoons for teapot (500ML)
  • Pour hot water (85°C) into the teaware until it is one-third full
  • Tilt the glass cup, slowly rotating it two times (this is to ensure a better infusion)
  • Pour hot water (85°C) into the teaware until it is seven-tenths full
  • Infuse tea for around 3-5 minutes
  • Drink until 1/3 of the tea is left before refilling
  • Repeat a total of three times
  • Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews



Yunnan green tea is the raw material and is scented in Heng County, Guangxi.

Origin: Guangxi, Yunnan

Picking & Production

Picking Tea

Ingredients: Premium-quality Yunnan green tea leaves scented by fresh jasmine blossoms.

Making Process: Jasmine Girl’s Ring Tea is always made in the middle of the night: this is because jasmine flowers only bloom at night, meaning the tea leaves will absorb the freshest jasmine fragrance during this time. To make the jasmine Girl’s Ring, the leaves are carefully layered with fresh, seasonally harvested jasmine blossoms, ensuring the tea leaves slowly absorb the floral fragrance. In the morning, the flowers are removed. The whole process is then repeated when night falls again, and so on until the tea aroma and floral fragrance are perfectly balanced. Our Jasmine Girl’s Ring Tea is made by a producer with over 20 years of tea-making experience. The amount of high-quality jasmine flowers used for scenting is huge which causes our jasmine tea full of rich jasmine aroma.

6 reviews for Jasmine Girl’s Ring (Nv’er Huan)

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    This tea looks so pretty, both in the packet and in the cup. Its delicate taste and bright, citrusy colour really match its appearance.

  3. English

    Ryan W

    Delicious and fragrant. A true stand out in the world of jasmine tea. The shape is stunning also.

  4. English

    Savannah F.

    Excellent jasmine tea. As someone who drinks a lot of jasmine tea, I can tell you that this is an outstanding one!

  5. English

    Lilian O.

    Presented in cute little rings, this tea is visually appealing and very fresh in flavour with a mix of green tea and jasmine

  6. English

    Sebastian B.

    This tea looks so cool. It’s a real talking point, especially when brewed in a beautiful teapot where you can see the leaves unfurling. Great tasting, too!

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