Premium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui Oolong

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About Premium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui Oolong

The Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui is another very famous Wuyi “Rock tea” in addition to the Wuyi Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao). It is produced from the “Hu Xiao” (Tiger Roaring) Cliff inside the scenic area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province.

Our premium Wuyi Rou Gui oolong tea comes from the traditional “Ban Yan” (AKA red siallite soil) tea plantation called “Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui”. Nowadays, due to the superior tea growing environment in “Tiger Roaring Rock” area and the continuous improvement of tea processing technology, the quality of the Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui is very close to the tea comes from “Zheng Yan” area (AKA purple glutenite soil).

The cinnamon aroma of this premium Wuyi Rou Gui is dominating and aggressive. It has a lightly baked caramel and special rocky flavour. No one who has tasted the tea can deny the charm of the Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui. The aggressiveness of the tea in your throat is like an emperor, pioneering the territory, leading your gustation, invading your throat, and establishing his empire.

People love it deeply because of its unusual warm and pleasant long-lasting flavour of pungency.

Appearance & Taste

Premium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui Oolong

The tea leaves of Rou Gui are long, tight and slightly twisted. The colour of the tea leaves is in dark but glossy. The tea soup is between oily dark and orange-red without any impurity. This Rou Gui tea was baked by moderate fire; hence it has a bit of caramel aroma. Besides, it has an obvious cinnamon taste since its raw material were from trees belonging to the cinnamon variety.

The cinnamon aroma of this premium Wuyi Rou Gui is dominating and aggressive, with a special rocky flavour. After the first sip, your throat will immediately get caught by it’s a combined flavour of rocky, cinnamon and floral aroma with a warm and pleasant long-lasting aftertaste of pungency.

Your tongue will feel refreshing and your throat will spontaneously try to retain the mellow tea soup and its impressive rich aroma.

Taste: Caramel, Cinnamon, Floral, Fresh, Rocky

Brewing Guide

2.5 teaspoon(s)

100°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


5 tsp

100°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


10 tsp

100°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


We recommend you use (Yixing) Clay Teapot or Gaiwan to brew this gorgeous oolong tea, with a tiny volume of around 100ml – 200ml. Or you can also brew it with a normal size teapot with more tea leaves.

For simple glass vessel/teapot style:

Use 100°C hot water to infuse tea leaves for around 1-2 minutes. Re-steep for around 4-5 further infusions. (Adjustable by personal taste).

For Gongfu Style:

  • Warm the Gaiwan/tiny teapot with hot water; discard the water afterward.
  • Add 1g Oolong tea for every 20ml – 30ml of water (recommend 8g of tea leaves for a Gongfu brew, adjustable by personal taste).
  • Pour hot water (100 °C) into the clay teapot / Gaiwan, tilt it, slowly rotating it twice and quickly discard the water (this step is for waking up tea leaves and stimulating the special aroma of the oolong tea).
  • Refill the clay teapot/Gaiwan with hot water.
  • Infuse the tea for around 5s for the first 4 brews. Please allow 5 more seconds’ infusion time for following brews.
  • Pour the steeped tea into a serving cup (also called fair cup) and divided into small teacups before serving.
  • Rebrew-able around 8-12 times.


Wuyi Mountain

This premium Wuyi Rou Gui was produced from the “Tiger Roaring Rock”, in the scenic area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. The Tiger Roaring Rock locates in the south of “Erqu River” of “Jiuqu River” of Wuyi Mountain, which is well-known for its sheer cliffs, natural strange stone, plunging ravines and winding streams. The rock, at an altitude of 510 metres, has a huge hole in the middle and hence looks like a ferocious tiger lying on the ground, and that’s where its name comes from.

The tea-growing environment there is superior which makes the Rou Gui tea produced there be in premium quality. Most of the tea plantations located among the rocky valleys have plenty of sunlight and the light intensity is higher and as a result, the tea has a more strong, aggressive and powerful taste.

Origin: Fujian

Picking & Production

Picking Tea

Wuyi Rou Gui tea tree germinates from mid-April while the picking time begins in early May. Normally, there is only one harvest season for Wuyi Rou Gui in a year. Our Wuyi Rou Gui is spring tea, plucking during sunny days.

The making processes are picking, withering, shaking and setting, fixation, rolling, baking, and repetitive baking.

Wuyi Rou Gui normally can be baked using low, medium or high fire, and each of the ways could result in quite different tastes. The quality and flavour can also be affected by the tea-making skills of the tea makers.

Our premium Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui was baked with medium fire by an experienced tea master.

4 reviews for Premium Wuyi Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui Oolong

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    Lauren G.

    I really enjoy this tea and will be ordering some more. A wonderfully delicate yet deep flavour. Also has a beautiful aroma that fills up my house in the mornings.

  3. English

    Elijah H.

    Wow, what a mouthful! This tea is strong, spicy and really enjoyable. It warms your whole body and leaves you feeling invigorated and ready for anything!

  4. English

    Edward L.

    The soup is close to red wine in colour. If you love caramel and cinnamon, you’ll love this tea!

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