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About Premium Bai Ji Guan Oolong

Bai Ji Guan is one of the very rare Wuyi rocky oolong teas that belongs to famous Wuyi ‘Cong’ family. Our premium Bai Ji Guan comes from the Bei Dou Peak located inside the scenic area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. It is one of the high-quality premium ‘Zheng Yan’ Wuyi Rocky Oolong teas.

The legend of this tea is found and cultivated by Yuchan Bai, who is one of the forefathers of Taoism. He liked this tea so much that he drank it all the time when he was meditating. Therefore, Bai Ji Guan is regarded as the tea of Taoism.

Appearance & Taste

Premium Bai Ji Guan Oolong

The tea leaves of Bai Ji Guan are long, tight and slightly twisted. The colour of the fresh tea leaves is jade yellow-green. The colour of dry leaves is dark yellow. The tea soup is bright yellow without any impurities. The shape of the fresh tea leaves looks like the cockscomb on the head of the white pheasant. That is the reason why it is called Bai Ji Guan in Chinese.

The aroma of this tea is restrained. Compared with the Chinese medicine flavour of Tie Luo Han, this tea is full of herbal incense. The light bitterness intertwined with the herbal aroma, and the wonderful sweetness emerge slowly after that.

Tea lovers love this tea due to that the mind is clearer and the eyes are brighter after consuming it just like the effectiveness of meditating.

Taste: Bitter, Herbal, Sweet

Brewing Guide

4 teaspoon(s)

100°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


8 tsp

100°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


16 tsp

100°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


This tea can brew for around 6 times.

  • Warm the Gaiwan/tiny teapot with hot water; discard the water afterward.
  • Add 1g Oolong tea for every 20ml – 30ml of water (recommend 8g of tea leaves for a Gongfu brew, adjustable by personal taste).
  • Infuse the tea for around 5s for the first 5 brews. Please allow 5 more seconds’ infusion time for the following brews.
  • Pour the steeped tea into a serving cup (also called a fair cup) and divided it into small teacups before serving.
  • Rebrew-able around 6 times.


Wuyi Mountain

This Bai Ji Guan produces from Bei Dou Peak located inside scenic area of Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province. There are thirty-six peaks in Wuyi Mountain area, Bei Dou is one of them. It is in the northeast of the mountain, behind the San Gu Stone. As its seven mountain peaks are connected and looks like the Big Dipper, it is called ‘Bei Dou’ in Chinese.

It is surrounded by clouds all over the year. The weather there is humid and the rainfall is abundant. The soil with the weathered rocky surface there is rich in minerals & microelements and has very good air permeability which is good for drainage. Those advantages provide superior growing environment for the tea trees.

Origin: Fujian

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