Yunnan Black Tea (Dianhong)

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Dian Hong Tea is a well-known tea produced in Linyi, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong and other areas in the south and southwest of Yunnan province.

This subtropical region is one of rolling hills with an average elevation of over 1,000 metres. The average annual temperature is around 18-22°C, with a very large temperature difference between day and night. The annual precipitation is 1,200-1,700mm. In sunny periods there is often fog in the morning and during the night.

There is dense forest and the soil is fertile, with fallen leaves and grass decaying to form a deep humus layer. These conditions result in tea trees with strong buds and fat leaves covered with rich white fuzz. Even the fifth or sixth leaves on the branch are very delicate and juicy and contain rich polyphenolic compounds and alkaloids.

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You can also earn 20-185 loyalty points. More info
Caffeine Level: (High)

Appearance & Taste

The tea soup is red and bright, the aroma is fresh and mellow and the taste is strong, smooth and sweet. There is a strong, sweet aftertaste. The tea is a very fragrant experience. It is always be consumed with milk. After drinking, you will immediately feel the warmth in your stomach.

Brewing Guide

When using a Gaiwan (about 125ml) Gongfu style, infuse 3 teaspoons Dian Hong with hot water (90-95℃) for around 8-15 seconds for the first brew, extending the infusion time by 3-5 seconds for the following brews. If not using a Gaiwan Gongfu style, steep the tea for around 1-2 minutes. Do not use boiling water because it will destroy the vitamin C and other beneficial contents of the leaves. It will also accelerate the precipitation of phenolic substances such as caffeine and tea polyphenols, which will make the tea taste sour and bitter.

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5 reviews for Yunnan Black Tea (Dianhong)

  1. lauren.simpson (verified owner)

    Great staple tea, big leaves and lovely subtle flavour.

  2. Brock

    I like the sweet aftertaste of this tea.

  3. John

    A staple in our household. This is the first tea we reach for because it’s so reliable.

  4. Mikayla

    This is a good everyday tea and very affordable. I always make sure I have a fresh supply handy.

  5. Chelsea C.

    A delicious herbal tea. I bought this to share with my daughter and we both love it! Thank you.

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