JunMei China Big Leaf Golden Bud

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About JunMei China Big Leaf Golden Bud

Different from other small leaf black tea, the raw material of this JunMei China Big Leaf Golden Bud comes from large-leaf tea trees in Pu’an. Zheng Shan Tang has deeply explored the characteristics of this large-leaf black tea and combined with its unique original Junmei tea-making technology makes this charming black tea so special.

This large-leaf black tea is full of ripe fruity and floral sweetness.

Appearance & Taste

JunMei China Big Leaf Golden Bud

The dry tea leaves are tight and straight with golden pekoe. The tea soup is bright golden with golden circle around. The taste is smooth, thick, and complex, combined with ripe fruity and floral aroma. The aftertaste is long-lasting lingering.

Taste: Floral, Fruity, Sweet

Brewing Guide

3 teaspoon(s)

90°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


6 tsp

90°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


12 tsp

90°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


  • Boil the water, use the boiling water to warm the empty teacup and Gaiwan
  • Pour the boiling water out
  • Put the tea leaves in Gaiwan, shake them, and smell the fragrance of dried tea in a warm place. Putting the tea leaves in a cup (if you don’t have the Gaiwan). After the above steps, if costs time, the water may lower the 90°C, and boil the water again.
  • Pour boiling water along the wall of the Gaiwan. 80 percent full at most.The more brewing times, the more steeping time. It depends on the quality of the tea and the tea lover’s taste.
  • After steeping, pour the tea water into the tasting cup. Pour the boiled water into the Gaiwan for the next brewing.

Tips: Without Gaiwan, Please attention to the steeping time in the water, brewing too long will not excite the full taste value of black tea.


Guizhou Pu'an

This JunMei China Big Leaf Golden Bud comes from large-leaf tea trees in Pu’an, Guizhou province which is known as the hometown of ancient tea trees in China. There are more than 20,000 wild four-ball ancient tea trees which are identified as the oldest tea tree variety in the world by experts.

Pu’an belongs to the mountainous tea area of the Wumeng Mountain Range southwest of the Guizhou plateau mountain. Under the unique geographical climate conservation of high elevation, low latitude, less sunshine, and plenty of clouds, as time goes by, the natural essences gather which creates the rich flavour of this tea.

Zhengshantang fully combines the characteristics of the tea trees and the local geographical ecology, and innovatively uses the original Junmei tea-making technology to make this big-leaf species.

Origin: Guizhou

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