Premium Golden Horse Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)

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About Premium Golden Horse Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)

Premium Golden Eyebrow is produced in Tongmu Village, Wuyishan City, in Fujian province.

The only difference between our Premium Golden Eyebrow and our standard Golden Eyebrow is the producing area. The premium tea is produced on a particular tea plantation - Tongmuguan – which is considered the best for growing Golden Eyebrow. It is highly recommended for those with a keen eye for quality.

Both our Premium Golden Eyebrow and standard Golden Eyebrow black tea are expensive is because the whole production process must be carried out by hand. Every 500g of Golden Eyebrow contains tens of thousands of very fresh tea buds, without any leaves. These buds are picked from trees in Wuyishan Nature Reserve. Only the finest buds are picked; even a professional tea picker can only collect up to 500g a day.

Appearance & Taste

Premium Golden Horse Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)


Taste: Floral, Honey, Potato, Sweet

Brewing Guide

3 g

90-95°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


6 g

90-95°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


12 g

90-95°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


To brew, if using a Gaiwan Gongfu style, infuse 3 teaspoons Golden Eyebrow Tea for 125ml teacup/gaiwan in hot water (90–95℃) for around 15 seconds for the first brew, extending the infusion time for the following brew. If not using a Gaiwan Gongfu style, infuse 3 teaspoons Golden Eyebrow Tea for 125ml teacup , 6 teaspoons for 250ml glass, or 12 teaspoons for 500ml teapot steep for 1–2 minutes.

Normally, for brewing black tea require not use boiling water because it will destroy the vitamin C and other contents of the leaves. It will also accelerate the precipitation of phenolic substances such as caffeine and tea polyphenols, which will make tea taste sour and bitter.

However, the Tongmuguan tea trees grow very slowly due to the high altitude; the tea buds are therefore very stout and strong. Using water at 100℃ will not destroy the premium tea; on the contrary, it will produce a better brew, releasing all the tea’s natural aroma and nutrients.


Wuyi Mountain

Their home – Wuyishan Nature Reserve has a subtropical monsoon climate. This very famous natural reserve, which is 96.3% forest, provides an advantageous natural environment for Golden Eyebrow. The average altitude of the main producing area is about 1,200 meters. For almost 120 days a year, it is misty. The annual average temperature is around 11–18°C and the average precipitation about 2,000mm. The soil pH is 4.5 to 5.

Origin: Fujian

4 reviews for Premium Golden Horse Eyebrow (Jin Jun Mei)

  1. English

    Abbey R.

    This premium tea is clearly of a very high quality – the complexity of its flavour and the soothing yet energising effect it has on my mind and soul are wonderful. I’d highly recommend it both for its flavour and cognitive benefits.

  2. English

    Nathaniel W.

    The bold flavour matches the high caffeine amount! This tea is satisfying and strong.

  3. English

    Jake O.

    If you’re a tea connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the subtle differences between this and other Golden Horse Eyebrow teas. The quality really shines and the leaves are robust and packed with nutrients.

  4. English

    Will M.

    I’m enjoying the (Jin Jun Mei) right now, it got such a strong delicious taste and aroma. I drink out of a big cup. It’s super impressive how strong this tea is. Great way to try this flavors and find your favorites. For tea lovers.

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