Hand Painted Pi Qiu Hua Lid Saucer


This cover is fully hand-painted using the blue and white underglaze technology. It is an essential item for many people when brewing tea. It is used to hold teapot lids, Gaiwan lids, and cup lids. It not only keeps the lids of the teaware clean but also prevents them from wetting the tabletop.

The decorative pattern of Pi Qiu Hua (皮球花), also known as little tuan hua (小团花) or embroidery ball flower, evolved from the traditional tuan hua pattern on porcelain. This pattern has been present since the Sui Dynasty, and it combines abstract and representational elements. It takes various forms, resembling a spherical shape, hence the name Pi Qiu Hua (皮球花).

The decorative patterns on Chinese porcelain always carry auspicious meanings. Since the Pi Qiu Hua pattern originated from tuan hua, it inherits the traditional tuan hua motifs such as tuan long (团龙), tuan feng (团凤), and tuan hua (团花). These traditional motifs symbolize the abundance and beauty of life.

In this lid saucer, the delicate brushstrokes vividly outline the pattern, creating a glossy and elegant appearance. The colours are rich and vibrant, giving the piece a sense of vivid and liveliness.

Note: All are fully handmade, every lid saucer could be slightly different.

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