Hand Painted Chanzhi Lian Lid Saucer

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This cover is fully hand-painted using the blue and white underglaze technology. It is an essential item for many people when brewing tea. It is used to hold teapot lids, Gaiwan lids, and cup lids. It not only keeps the lids of the teaware clean but also prevents them from wetting the tabletop.

Chanzhi Lian, also known as “Interlock Branch Lotus,” is a Chinese decorative motif with the symbolism of “flowers within flowers, blossoms within leaves.” It is also referred to as the “Wanshou Teng,” representing auspiciousness and longevity due to its continuous and interconnected structure, symbolizing the concept of “endless vitality.” In addition, in traditional Chinese Confucian culture, the lotus is seen as the embodiment of truth, goodness, and beauty, as well as a symbol of Buddhism. The pronunciation of “Lian” is similar to the word “continuous” in Chinese, further expressing the idea of continuous growth and conveying positive wishes and emotions.

As part of Chinese traditional ornamentation, Chanzhi Lian has been passed down through generations, reflecting its own beauty and cultural significance with a unique artistic charm. The lotus possesses a sacred and pure temperament, being beautiful without being ostentatious and magnificent without being vulgar. It is precisely because of this aesthetic appeal that Chanzhi Lian has become a decorative pattern applied to various aspects of life.

In this lid saucer, the delicate brushstrokes vividly outline the pattern, creating a glossy and elegant appearance. The colours are rich and vibrant, giving the piece a sense of vivid and liveliness.

Note: All are fully handmade, every lid saucer can be slightly different.

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