Zheng Shan Tang Bense Smoked Lapsang Souchong Gift Box

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About Zheng Shan Tang Bense Smoked Lapsang Souchong Gift Box

This fascinating gift box is from the well-known brand ‘Zheng Shan Tang’, containing 2 x 100g of Zheng Shan Tang Bense Smoked Lapsang Souchong loose leaf tea. Bense Lapsang Souchong is picked from the natural 800 meters in Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve and is made with the traditional handicraft of Zheng Shan Tang Souchong black tea.

Appearance & Taste

Zheng Shan Tang Bense Smoked Lapsang Souchong

The shape of Bense is natural and tight with dark moist colour. The tea soup is smooth and the colour of it is bright yellow. The taste of this Lapsang Souchong is sweet combined with longan flavour and has the unique aroma of pine smoke. The aftertaste is long-lasting lingering.

Taste: Longan, Smoky, Sweet

Brewing Guide

3 teaspoon(s)

90°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


6 tsp

90°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


12 tsp

90°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


  • Add 5g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma
  • Prepare pure water around 90°C
  • 1-4 course rush out, do not soak for a long time. 5-7 courses soak for 5-10s, 7-10 courses about 15s.
  • For the more times of brews, please extend the soaking time to ensure the stability of the tea soup.


Wuyi Mountain

Their home – Wuyishan Nature Reserve has a subtropical monsoon climate. This very famous natural reserve, which is 96.3% forest, provides an advantageous natural environment for growing tea. The average altitude of the main producing area is about 1,200 meters. For almost 120 days a year, it is misty. The annual average temperature is around 11–18°C and the average precipitation is about 2,000mm. The soil pH is 4.5 to 5.

Origin: Fujian


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