Soda Glazed Pumpkin Large Teapot


This large teapot is crafted from high-quality raw clay and fired at high temperatures. The raw clay is extracted from natural deposits in mines, possessing the inherent qualities and advantages of the natural mineral, resulting in a more stable and pure texture. The body of this large teapot is glazed, seamlessly blending with the mottled and rustic texture of the clay, creating a smooth and natural appearance. The handle is hand-wrapped with woolen thread, providing insulation from heat. The steam hole on the edge of the teapot lid prevents the build-up of steam caused by boiling water. The tiny pores on the surface of the teapot are natural features left behind after firing with the original mineral glaze, showcasing the characteristics of the raw mineral glaze. The unique cracked glaze technique creates beautiful patterns on the surface as the cracks are formed by the long-term infusion of tea. Generally, the patterns created through the cracked glaze technique are unique, adding more enjoyment to the tea brewing process.

Besides that, soda glaze is another main character of this teapot. The soda glaze is crafted using imported raw minerals from Japan, where, through high-temperature firing, weak alkaline metal ions such as potassium, sodium, and calcium are released and incorporated into the glaze. The surface of the teapot bears tiny pores left behind by the firing process of the natural raw minerals. These breathable pores possess the unique ability to adsorb tea impurities, reduce bitterness, and maintain a refreshing, non-stuffy character, greatly enhancing the quality of the tea infusion. The result is a smoother, more delicate, and pleasantly aromatic tea experience. Upon heating with boiling water, the trace elements like boron, zinc, and lithium, found within the soda glaze, significantly soften the water quality. This effect causes the water molecules to exhibit a weak alkaline state, a characteristic not typically found in ordinary boiling vessels. This outstanding property has earned it the industry nickname – ‘the balance of regulating the body’s acid-alkaline equilibrium.’ Prolonged use of the soda-glazed miniature teapot proves highly beneficial for one’s health.

It’s important to note that during the initial stages of boiling water, the teapot may experience sweating, which is a normal occurrence. Simply proceed with the usual process of boiling the water. After brewing tea, the surface of the teapot will develop delicate patterns resembling cicada wings and golden threads. Prolonged use will further enhance these patterns, resulting in a charming antique appearance that becomes more intriguing over time.

Maintenance Guidelines:

Initial Use: For a new teapot, it’s important to boil water in it before regular use. Fill the teapot to about one-sixth of its capacity with clean water, bring it to a boil, and then pour out the water. Next, fill the teapot with clean water and add a small amount of rice. Boil the water with the rice for approximately one hour (be cautious not to burn the rice). After discarding the rice and water, there’s no need to clean the teapot. Let it sit overnight, then wash it the next day. Boil clean water in the teapot twice before using it for tea.

Important Points:

Avoid Dry Heating: Never heat the teapot without water, as it can cause the teapot to crack. Also, avoid rapid temperature changes.  Refilling: If you need to refill the teapot, ensure there’s residual water inside. Test the bottom of the teapot with your hand to make sure it’s not too hot before adding more water. It’s recommended to fill the water up to the level where it reaches the first water outlet hole.


This teapot is made from natural raw clay, which has good breathability. After each tea session, make sure to pour out any remaining water from the teapot to prevent water droplets from forming at the bottom the next day.

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