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This teapot is made with special Lao Yan Mud as the material, both inside and outside covered with soda ash glaze, and semi-handmade. Its elegant shape and smooth water flow make it an excellent companion for tea drinking. The unique cracked glaze technique creates beautiful patterns on the surface as the cracks are formed by the long-term infusion of tea. Generally, the patterns created through the cracked glaze technique are unique, adding more enjoyment to the tea brewing process.

Its special clay material, Lao Yan Mud, possesses irreplaceable advantages over other clay materials for teapot making. Lao Yan Mud is formulated by blending rock minerals and clay. The mineral components (such as quartz, mica, etc) in the clay do not melt at temperatures around 1250 degrees Celsius, resulting in the formation of voids during the firing and drying process. These irregular pores, formed due to different shrinkage rates during the final firing, do not fully vitrify. These porous structures contribute to preserving and enhancing the aroma and character of the tea, allowing the water to become fragrant and sweet when brewed.

Besides the special mud, soda glaze is another main character of this tea pot. The soda glaze is crafted using imported raw minerals from Japan, where, through high-temperature firing, weak alkaline metal ions such as potassium, sodium, and calcium are released and incorporated into the glaze. The surface of the teapot bears tiny pores left behind by the firing process of the natural raw minerals. These breathable pores possess the unique ability to adsorb tea impurities, reduce bitterness, and maintain a refreshing, non-stuffy character, greatly enhancing the quality of the tea infusion. The result is a smoother, more delicate, and pleasantly aromatic tea experience. Upon heating with boiling water, the trace elements like boron, zinc, and lithium, found within the soda glaze, significantly soften the water quality. This effect causes the water molecules to exhibit a weak alkaline state, a characteristic not typically found in ordinary boiling vessels. This outstanding property has earned it the industry nickname – ‘the balance of regulating the body’s acid-alkaline equilibrium.’ Prolonged use of the soda-glazed miniature teapot proves highly beneficial for one’s health.

This teapot has a simple, rustic appearance and smooth water flow. Due to the spongy pores of the Lao Yan mud which makes it can absorb the fragrance of the tea leaves, the aroma of the tea soup can easily maintain for a longer time and taste smoother and sweeter.

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Lao Yan Mud


Cracked Glaze, Soda Glaze






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