Lao Yan Mud Clouds Handled Large Teapot


This teapot is made with special Lao Yan Mud as the raw material which possesses irreplaceable advantages over other clay materials for teapot making. Lao Yan Mud is formulated by blending rock minerals and clay. The mineral components (such as quartz, mica, etc) in the clay do not melt at temperatures around 1250 degrees Celsius, resulting in the formation of voids during the firing and drying process. These irregular pores, formed due to different shrinkage rates during the final firing, do not fully vitrify. These porous structures contribute to preserving and enhancing the aroma and character of tea, allowing the water to become fragrant and sweet when brewed. This special mud undergoes multiple high-temperature oxidations and reductions, causing its body to exhibit a primitive, natural, and rugged texture. Its colour displays a myriad of kiln-fired variations, exuding a charming and rustic kiln transformation.

In addition, this teapot’s handle is adorned with auspicious cloud patterns. In ancient China, firstly, auspicious clouds symbolize good fortune and positivity. In traditional Chinese culture, auspicious clouds are often depicted surrounding figures of immortals, sages, and auspicious beings, signifying good luck, happiness, and blessings. Secondly, auspicious clouds also represent power and status. In ancient times, the emperor’s outings were often described with imagery like ‘dragon robes, golden belt, purple tassels, and auspicious clouds,’ expressing the emperor’s prestigious position and authority. Thus, auspicious clouds are also regarded as a symbol of power and status. Furthermore, auspicious clouds also embody the notions of mystery and legend. In ancient legends, auspicious clouds were believed to be the mounts of immortals and celestial beings, serving as bridges to the heavens. The emperor’s journeys were often accompanied by an air of mystery and legend. In short, auspicious clouds hold a significant place in traditional Chinese culture, representing auspiciousness, power, mystery, and legend. They are widely prevalent and important motifs and elements in various aspects of Chinese art such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and literature.

The appearance of this teapot is rustic and simple, with lifelike auspicious cloud patterns on the handle, making it a perfect companion for tea brewing.

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