JunMei China Xiao Shennongjia Forest Wild Black Tea

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About JunMei China Xiao Shennongjia Forest Wild Black Tea

This special wild black tea belongs to one of the characteristic local teas. It is produced in Badong County, Enshi, Hubei province. It is in the upper reaches of Shennong River which is a well-known scenic spot, where is also the core area of Hubei Badong Golden Monkey National Natural Reserve. The place is called ‘Xiao Shennongjia’. It is knowns as the World Museum of Nature and is included in the protection list of World Heritage Sites.

The raw material of this tea is made from one tea bud with three or four tea leaves. The tea plantation where these tea trees are grown is located around 800 to 1500 meters above sea level.  The tea contains plenty of selenium which has very positive effects on the health of human body.

Appearance & Taste

JunMei China Xiao Shennongjia Forest Wild Black Tea

The tea leaves are stout and tight with a slight twist, the colour of it is auburn black.  The colour of tea soup is in bright orange-yellow with golden rings. The taste of it is smooth, mellow, with the unique flavour of wild mountain. The tea also has a delicate floral fragrance with a touch of sweetness on the tongue. The tea leaf is thick which makes it can be brewed for multiple times.

Taste: Floral, Sweet

Brewing Guide

3 teaspoon(s)

90°C (125ml)

1-2 mins


6 tsp

90°C (250ml)

1-2 mins


12 tsp

90°C (500ml)

1-2 mins


  • Boil the water, and use the boiling water to warm the empty teacup and Gaiwan.
  • Pour the boiling water out.
  • Put the tea leaves in Gaiwan, shake them, and smell the fragrance of dried tea in a warm place. Putting the tea leaves in a cup (if you don’t have the Gaiwan). After the above steps, if costs time, the water may lower the 90°C, and boil the water again.
  • Pour boiling water along the wall of the Gaiwan. 80 percent full at most. The more brewing times, the more steeping time. It depends on the quality of the tea and the tea lover’s taste.
  • After steeping, pour the tea water into the tasting cup. Pour the boiled water into the Gaiwan for the next brewing…

Tips: Without Gaiwan, Please attention to the steeping time in the water, brewing too long will not excite the full taste value of black tea.


Xiao Shennongjia

This tea comes from Xiao Shennongjia, Badong County, Enshi, Hubei province. In this area, wild tea trees that are aged over 100 years are all around, including 18 tea trees that grow for almost over 800 years. There are also over 3000 species of rare wild animals and plants in its territory, such as golden monkeys, black bears, yews and etc. Because these precious animals and plants live here harmoniously, the place is called a ‘natural museum’.

The mountains and hills there rise amid ups and downs into a sea wave, crisscrossed by ditches, wreathed with mist and clouds. The raw materials of Xiaoshennongjia wild tea are hidden here. The whole essence of this emerald gift of nature makes this tea full of wild natural flavour.

Origin: Hubei


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