Hand Painted YuanBao Shaped Bao Xiang Gaiwan Set

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This tea set is completely handmade and hand-painted. The special craft used in this teaware includes Blue and white underglaze colour and underglaze red.

The pattern featured is called “Bao Xiang” in Chinese, which is a traditional decorative motif representing one of the auspicious three treasures (Bao Xiang flower, Money tree, and Treasure basin), prevalent during the Sui and Tang dynasties in China. Bao Xiang pattern is also known as ‘Bao Xian Hua’ or ‘Bao Lian Hua’. Its lines are clear, and the colour is serene and antique. The Bao Xiang pattern design of this teaware is neat, and complex but not messy, and the whole picture of it is full and rich in details.

In Chinese culture, the Bao Xiang pattern symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness, representing people’s aspirations for happiness. It is widely popular in the decoration of silk brocade, bronze mirrors, and porcelain, showcasing people’s pursuit of a better life.

This tea set features smooth and concise curves, combining the unique beauty of the Bao Xiang pattern, creating a visually appealing and enjoyable tea-drinking experience. The blue and red underglaze colours complement each other and create a beautiful radiance.

This tea set includes:

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Blue-and-white Underglaze Colour, Underglaze Red





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