Hand Painted Antique Clay Glaze Pomegranate Tea Set


This tea set is made with antique clay glaze, which gives it a smooth and lustrous surface, as well as a thick and sturdy body, evoking a sense of ancient elegance, tranquillity, and warmth. The hand-painted strokes are lively and natural, depicting the pomegranate with lifelike accuracy.

Furthermore, the Gaiwan is crafted using the overglaze colour painting craft, which produces pure, vibrant, and full colours. Since Gaiwan is hand-painted by an artist, every piece is unique and machine-printed decals cannot be compared with.

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Antique Clay Glaze, Overglaze Colour


What's included

1 x Gaiwan, 1 x Tea Tray, 3 x Tea Cups

Gaiwan Dimensions

Capacity: 160ml, Rim Diameter: 9.1cm, Bottom Diameter: 3.8cm, Height: 8.2cm

Tea Tray Dimensions

Rim Diameter: 14.5cm, Bottom Diameter: 11cm, Height: 3.3cm

Tea Cup Dimensions

Capacity: 60ml, Rim Diameter: 6.1cm, Bottom Diameter: 2.5cm, Height: 4.3cm