Hand Painted Phoenix Tea Cup


This teacup is a replica of the imitation Ming blue and white porcelain craftsmanship, made entirely by hand. The pattern depicts a pair of phoenixes. The phoenix, known as the “Fenghuang” in Chinese, is a mythical bird considered to be the king of all birds and a symbol of auspiciousness, beauty, and grace. It represents virtue, harmony, and the union of yin and yang. When depicted as a pair, the double phoenix symbolizes the ideal relationship between a male and female. It represents the union of two exceptional individuals or the coming together of two extraordinary things. It signifies a harmonious and balanced partnership, whether in love, marriage, or any collaborative endeavour. The double phoenix is often associated with blessings, prosperity, and good fortune. It is believed to bring luck, happiness, and success, as well as symbolize marital bliss, loyalty, and everlasting love.

The texture of this teacup is delicate and smooth, and the painting is lively and lifelike. The entire production process is completed by hand, with every detail carefully designed and polished, giving this teacup a unique artistic charm.

This unique teacup replicas Ming’s tea ware style. Ming Dynasty tea wares represent the pinnacle of Chinese ceramic art, showcasing unique beauty in terms of shape, glaze colour, and decorative patterns. The imitation Ming tea wares imitate the shapes and styles of Ming Dynasty tea utensils, allowing people to appreciate the charm of traditional art and experience the flavour of history. The elegant lines, smooth curves, and delicate decorations present a sense of refined and harmonious beauty, allowing people to experience the pleasure and artistic enjoyment while tasting tea.

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Antique Clay


Yuan Blue-and-white Underglaze Colour





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