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                                            4 Products

                                            • Goldfish Octagonal Teapot SetGoldfish Octagonal Teapot Set Out of Stock

                                              This goldfish set originates from Dehua. The technique used is decal decoration. Decal decoration is one of the most used modern ceramic decoration methods, where coloured patterns from floral paper adhere to the ceramic body or glaze surface. It’s employed for mass production, thus reducing costs and prices.

                                              In traditional Chinese culture, goldfish holds rich symbolism. The similarity in pronunciation between the word for “goldfish” and the phrases “gold” from “金玉满堂” (prosperity and wealth) and “fish” from “吉庆有余” (auspiciousness and abundance) associates’ goldfish with auspiciousness and good fortune. Additionally, the gold colour of the goldfish represents wealth, while the fish’s form symbolizes abundance and contentment in life. Thus, goldfish also embody prosperity and auspiciousness. Furthermore, fish are known for their strong reproductive abilities, and goldfish are no exception. In traditional culture, goldfish symbolize the flourishing and prosperity of one’s family lineage and the hope for many descendants. Beyond this, goldfish also represent academic success. Their graceful and agile swimming is likened to the idea of achieving success and smooth sailing in various endeavours. Lastly, goldfish are associated with attracting wealth and inviting prosperity, making them a common sight in business establishments and home decor, as a way to invite good fortune and financial success.

                                            • Sui Xiao Apricot White Tea SetSui Xiao Apricot White Tea Set New

                                              Our Apricot White Tea Set is a masterful blend of elegance and minimalism, designed for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

                                              This exquisite tea set features

                                              • Elegant Apricot White Colour: The soft, soothing hue of apricot white adds a touch of sophistication to your tea experience, blending seamlessly with any decor.
                                              • Minimalist Design: Each piece in this set is crafted with clean lines and a sleek, unembellished appearance, reflecting the pure essence of minimalism.
                                              • Simple and Functional: The design prioritizes functionality without compromising on style, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable tea-making process.

                                              Design and Aesthetic

                                              • Elegant Simplicity: The apricot white colour combined with the minimalist design creates a serene and calming aesthetic, perfect for any tea session.
                                              • Timeless Appeal: The set’s understated elegance ensures it will remain stylish and relevant for years to come.

                                              Ideal for Any Setting

                                              Whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment alone or hosting a tea ceremony with friends, this Apricot White Tea Set is perfect for any occasion. Its timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a beautiful addition to any home.

                                              Perfect for Gifting

                                              This tea set makes an ideal gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its elegant simplicity and functional design make it a thoughtful and cherished present.

                                              Experience the beauty of minimalism and the elegance of simplicity with our Apricot White Tea Set, where every detail is designed to enhance your tea-drinking experience.

                                            • Wood ash glazed Minimalism Teapot SetWood ash glazed Minimalism Teapot Set New

                                              This teapot set is a celebration of minimalist design, where every element serves a purpose, and every detail is thoughtfully considered. The wood ash glaze adds a touch of natural beauty, reflecting a deep appreciation for simplicity and elegance. Perfect for those who cherish the art of tea in its purest form, this set transforms any tea ritual into a serene and contemplative experience.

                                              This exquisite tea set features:

                                              • Elegant Minimalist Design: The clean lines and unembellished forms create a timeless aesthetic that enhances any setting. The minimalist approach emphasizes function and beauty, making the set both visually appealing and practical.
                                              • High-Quality Wood Ash Glaze: The unique wood ash glaze not only adds a beautiful, natural finish to each piece but also enhances their durability. The subtle variations in the glaze provide a distinctive, earthy character that is both calming and sophisticated.
                                              • Aesthetic Versatility: The neutral, earthy tones of the wood ash glaze make this set a versatile addition to any decor. Whether placed in a modern, rustic, or traditional setting, it seamlessly blends in while adding a touch of elegance.
                                              • Enhanced Tea Experience: The minimalist design focuses on the essence of tea drinking, allowing users to fully appreciate the color, aroma, and flavor of the tea without distraction. This set transforms the tea ritual into a serene, contemplative experience.

                                              These features make the minimalist wood ash glazed teapot set an excellent choice for those who value simplicity, elegance, and functionality in their tea ware.

                                            • Wood Ash Glazed Tea SetWood Ash Glazed Tea Set Out of Stock

                                              This tea set includes one fair cup, one tea tray, one teapot and six teacups. The special craft used is ash wood glaze. It involves evenly applying wood ash onto the surface of the teaware. At high temperatures, the wood ash melts and forms a glaze, covering the exterior of the tea ware, giving it a faint, natural glaze colour. The effect of the glaze varies based on the type and quantity of ash used, resulting in different shades ranging from greyish-white to light yellow.

                                              Wood ash tea sets are cherished by people for their naturally simple appearance. The glaze typically exhibits delicate textures and a subtle sheen, avoiding excessive extravagance and offering a sense of understated elegance. Its unpretentious and gentle appearance emphasizes the human pursuit and yearning for natural beauty, showcasing a lifestyle attitude that respects nature and seeks inner tranquillity.