Goldfish Octagonal Tea Set

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This goldfish set originates from Dehua. The technique used is decal decoration. Decal decoration is one of the most used modern ceramic decoration methods, where coloured patterns from floral paper adhere to the ceramic body or glaze surface. It’s employed for mass production, thus reducing costs and prices.

In traditional Chinese culture, goldfish holds rich symbolism. The similarity in pronunciation between the word for “goldfish” and the phrases “gold” from “金玉满堂” (prosperity and wealth) and “fish” from “吉庆有余” (auspiciousness and abundance) associates’ goldfish with auspiciousness and good fortune. Additionally, the gold colour of the goldfish represents wealth, while the fish’s form symbolizes abundance and contentment in life. Thus, goldfish also embody prosperity and auspiciousness. Furthermore, fish are known for their strong reproductive abilities, and goldfish are no exception. In traditional culture, goldfish symbolize the flourishing and prosperity of one’s family lineage and the hope for many descendants. Beyond this, goldfish also represent academic success. Their graceful and agile swimming is likened to the idea of achieving success and smooth sailing in various endeavours. Lastly, goldfish are associated with attracting wealth and inviting prosperity, making them a common sight in business establishments and home decor, as a way to invite good fortune and financial success.

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What's included

1 x Gaiwan, 1 x Fair Cup, 4 x Tea Cups

Gaiwan Dimensions

Capacity: 170ml, Width: 11.1cm, Height: 6.5cm

Fair Cup Dimensions

Capacity: 200ml, Width: 8.4cm, Height: 8.6cm

Tea Cup Dimensions

Capacity: 40ml, Width: 5.9cm, Height: 4cm