Wood Ash Glazed Tea Set

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This tea set includes one fair cup, one tea tray, one teapot and six teacups. The special craft used is ash wood glaze. It involves evenly applying wood ash onto the surface of the teaware. At high temperatures, the wood ash melts and forms a glaze, covering the exterior of the tea ware, giving it a faint, natural glaze colour. The effect of the glaze varies based on the type and quantity of ash used, resulting in different shades ranging from greyish-white to light yellow.

Wood ash tea sets are cherished by people for their naturally simple appearance. The glaze typically exhibits delicate textures and a subtle sheen, avoiding excessive extravagance and offering a sense of understated elegance. Its unpretentious and gentle appearance emphasizes the human pursuit and yearning for natural beauty, showcasing a lifestyle attitude that respects nature and seeks inner tranquillity.

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Wood Ash Glaze


What's included

1 x Tea Pot, 1 x Fair Cup, 1 x Tea Tray, 6 x Tea Cups

Tea Pot Dimensions

Capacity: 120ml, Rim Diameter: 4cm, Bottom Diameter: 4.3cm, Height: 9cm

Fair Cup Dimensions

Capacity: 130ml, Rim Diameter: 8.7cm, Bottom Diameter: 3.3cm, Height: 8cm

Tea Tray Dimensions

Rim Diameter: 16cm

Tea Cup Dimensions

Rim Diameter: 4.7cm, Bottom Diameter: 2cm, Height: 4.2cm