Thin Porcelain Okra Flower Gaiwan with Silver Trim



Experience the elegance and refined craftsmanship of our Thin Porcelain Okra Flower Gaiwan with Silver Trim. This exquisite piece is a testament to traditional artistry and meticulous attention to detail.

It is perfect for tea enthusiasts who appreciate the delicate art of tea brewing. The intricate okra flower design, paired with the elegant silver trim, creates a stunning visual contrast that enhances the beauty of this traditional piece.

The thin porcelain body ensures a refined and smooth tea-drinking experience, allowing the true flavors and aromas of your tea to shine through. The ergonomic design ensures that handling the gaiwan is a pleasure, making your tea ceremony both enjoyable and memorable.

Whether you are brewing tea for yourself or sharing it with friends, the Thin Porcelain Okra Flower Gaiwan with Silver Trim promises an exquisite tea experience, steeped in tradition and elegance.


  • Wide Rim: This special design is to avoid scald when brewing tea.
  • Thin Porcelain Body: Crafted from delicate, thin-walled porcelain, this Gaiwan is lightweight yet durable, offering a perfect balance between strength and elegance.
  • Okra Flower Design: Adorned with intricate blue okra flower patterns, each gaiwan is a unique work of art, bringing a touch of nature and beauty to your tea ceremony.
  • Silver Trim: The rim of the gaiwan is elegantly finished with a silver trim, adding a sophisticated touch and enhancing its visual appeal.

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Blue-and-white Underglaze Colour, Silver Trim





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