Hand Painted Watermelon Tea Cup


This teacup is made of antique clay with blue and white porcelain craftsmanship which is fully handmade. The pattern on it is a watermelon motif. Watermelon motifs, often combined with entwining vines, carry various rich symbolism and meanings.

In ancient Chinese culture, watermelon symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness. The round and plump shape of the watermelon represents completeness and wholeness; therefore, watermelon is regarded as an auspicious symbol representing happiness and good luck. It also represents abundance and prosperity. As a summer fruit, watermelon is associated with harvest. In rural areas, a bountiful watermelon harvest signifies abundant crops and prosperity, representing the joy of harvest and the fulfillment of material life.

Furthermore, watermelon symbolizes family and reunion. The center of a watermelon contains numerous seeds tightly clustered together, symbolizing family and togetherness. In traditional Chinese culture, family reunions and harmonious family relationships are highly valued, and watermelon is seen as a fruit symbolizing family reunion and kinship. Additionally, watermelon represents blessings and warding off evil. In ancient China, watermelon was also used as a symbol to ward off evil spirits. People believed that watermelon had the power to dispel inauspicious energy and protect people’s health and well-being.

The texture of this teacup is delicate and smooth, and the painting is lively and lifelike. The entire production process is completed by hand, with every detail carefully designed and polished, giving this teacup a unique artistic charm.

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Antique Clay


Blue-and-white Underglaze Colour





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