Hand Painted Antique Clay Glaze San Duo Tea Tray


This tea tray is made with imitation antique clay glaze, with a smooth and glossy glaze surface and a thick and solid body, giving it a sense of antique elegance, tranquillity, and warmth. The hand-painted picture is vivid and natural, depicting lifelike pomegranates.

‘San Duo’ is a traditional auspicious pattern in China, originating from the phrase “Hua Feng San Zhu Duo Fu, Duo Shou, Duo Zi,” which means “abundant blessings, longevity, and many children.” Traditional patterns often consist of Buddha’s hand citron, peaches, and pomegranates. This pattern features pomegranates. In ancient China, pomegranates symbolized a prosperous and auspicious life with abundance, good fortune, and prosperity. The pomegranate is red both inside and outside, symbolizing a vibrant life and passionate individuals. As the pomegranate has numerous seeds, people use it as a symbol of wishing for a large and prosperous family, and the ancients referred to it as ‘a thousand chambers with the same membrane, a thousand children as one’.

This tea tray is made using the overglaze technique, with vibrant and full colours in the painted design. Each lid bowl is individually hand-painted by skilled artists, making each one unique and machine-printed decals cannot compare with.

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Antique Clay Glaze, Overglaze Colour



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