Elegant Double Canister Ceramic Gift Set

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Experience the timeless elegance of our Double Tea Tin Ceramic Gift Set, adorned with the exquisite Tang dynasty artwork, “Lady Guoguo’s Spring Outing.” This set is a celebration of fine tea and artistic heritage, perfect for the discerning tea connoisseur. Presented in a sophisticated box adorned with classic Chinese artwork, this gift set captures the essence of ancient traditions and refined taste.

Inside the box, you’ll discover two elegantly crafted ceramic tea canisters. Each canister is finished in a pristine white glaze, embodying simplicity and purity. The canisters are paired with a traditional tea scoop, ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy a perfect brew.

The interior of the box is equally stunning, with a scenic landscape that complements the overall aesthetic. The careful placement of each item within the box ensures that the presentation is as impressive as the contents themselves.

Ideal for gifting or personal indulgence, this Double Tea Tin Ceramic Gift Set promises a delightful and memorable tea-drinking experience, encapsulating the beauty and refinement of Tang dynasty art.


  • Tea Gift Package: 35*23*12.5CM
  • Gift Bag: 36*26*14.2CM
  • Tea Tin: 11*13.5CM

Gift box alone price: $64.99

Tin #1
Tin #2

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