2018 Organic Blang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g


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About 2018 Organic Blang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

Our 2018 Organic Blang Ripe Tea Cake uses sun-dried Shaiqinmao tea leaves (Yunnan big-leaf variety) from the Blang Mountain area. It is produced by Yunnan ChaWangShu Tea factory located in the Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province. The tea is specifically picked in early spring. It is certified organic by CQM (China Quality Mark Certification Group).

Appearance & Taste

2018 Organic Blang Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

The taste of the tea is strong, mellow and powerful with an earthy, woody flavour. The first slip may have some bitterness but also has a very strong and impressive, lingering sweet aftertaste. Because it has been aged for several years, it also has a special, rich Chen fragrance. The tea soup is pure and clear, wine-red to amber in colour.

Taste: Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Brewing Guide

2 teaspoon(s)

100°C (125ml)

3-4 mins


4 tsp

100°C (250ml)

3-4 mins


8 tsp

100°C (500ml)

3-4 mins


For simple glass vessel/teapot brewing:

You can brew fewer tea leaves with more hot water for a longer brewing time. Use 2 teaspoons of the tea for 125ml teacup, 4 teaspoons for 250ml glass, or 8 teaspoons for 500ml teapot. Using 100°C hot water to infuse tea leaves for around 3-4 minutes. Re-steep for around 6-7 times. Adjust it according to personal taste.

For Gongfu Style: (Recommend using (Yixing) Clay Teapot and Gaiwan)

-Detailed processes:

  • Warm the Gaiwan/tiny teapot with hot water; discard the water afterward
  • Add 1g Pu’er tea for every 50ml of water (recommend 7g-10g tea leaves, adjust by personal taste)
  • Pour hot water (100 °C) into the clay teapot / Gaiwan, tilt it, slowly rotating it two times and quickly discard the water (this step is for waking up tea leaves and stimulating the special aroma of the Pu’er tea)
  • Refill clay teapot/Gaiwan with hot water
  • Infuse tea for around 10s – 20s for the first brew, extending extra 20s infusion time for the following brew
  • Pour the steeped tea into a serving cup and divided into small teacups and serve
  • Repeat 8-15 times depends on personal taste



The Blang Mountain is located within Menghai County, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, which is a well-known and ancient Pu’er- producing area with very advantageous natural conditions. The Blang people were the first people in the world to grow tea trees and process tea leaves, and countless generations have grown up cultivating the local Pu’er tea trees. They have lived in Blang Mountain for generations, and each generation is growing up with Pu’er tea trees. The Pu’er tea that is produced here has legendary status.

The Blang Mountain area has typical a subtropical monsoon climate with abundant sunlight and rainfall. The average annual precipitation is 1,374mm, and the average annual temperature is around 18℃– to 21℃. It is basically frost-free or has a very short frost period. The winter is not very cold but is as foggy as the spring, and the summer is not intensely hot but is as rainy as the autumn. The temperature is very mild – it feels like spring all year round. The Blang Mountain tea plantations include many wild, ancient trees that grew up in the primeval forest. The soil is deep, breathable, and fertile; it is slightly acidic and has good drainage. Types include red soil, yellow soil and lateritic soil, and the pH value is between 4 and 6. These are advantageous conditions for the cultivation of Pu’er tea trees.

Origin: Yunnan

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