Phoenix Dan Cong Almond Flavour (Fenghuang Dan Cong Ju Duo Zai)

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Phoenix Dan Cong Ju Duo Zai is a rare species of Phoenix Dan Cong grown in the Feng Huang Village located in Chao’an district, Chaozhou city, Guangdong province. Its fresh tea leaves look like a saw, called ‘Ju Duo’ in the Chaozhou dialect. Therefore it is named ‘Ju Duo Zai’ (small saw).

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is a very special category of Oolong tea produced from the Chao’an district in Chaozhou city Guangdong province, well-known by its aggressive rich aroma. The reason why it is named ‘phoenix’ is that it comes from Phoenix Mountain in Phoenix Village. Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong has 79 kinds of different natural flower flavours, 12 kinds of natural fruit aroma, and 16 kinds of other fragrances such as honey, cinnamon, almond, sweet-scented Osmanthus and yulan so on. Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong also has 80 different breeding lines such as Ba Xian, Ju Duo Zai and so on.

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong is rich in amino acids, vitamins, tea polyphenols and alkaloids. Its tea polyphenols, specifically, have a strong anti-radiation effect, can reach up to 30% in Phoenix Oolong tea.

Because of its rich and overwhelming aroma, Phoenix Dan Cong nowadays has the same and very high reputation as Anxi Ti Kwan Yin and Wuyi Rock tea (such as Wuyi Big Red Robe) in China. These three different oolong teas become the major Chinese Oolong Tea strains.

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You can also earn 50-650 loyalty points. More info
Caffeine Level: (Medium)

Appearance & Taste

The fresh tea leaves of Ju Duo Zai are small-medium sized with obvious large sawtooth edges. The appearance of dried Ju Dui Zai is long and slim. The colour of the tea soup is in clean bright orange-yellow colour.

With a first sip, there is a little of very pleasant bitter together with a mellow and milky almond aroma. The bitterness will then fast transform into a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Then a sweet and caramel flavour with a light baking taste will gradually be revealed. These rich layers of flavours easily conquer every oolong tea lover. The sweetness and almond scent lingers in the mouth and throat for a while after drinking the tea.

This oolong tea can be brewed more than 20 times with the Kong fu style of brewing.





Brewing Time

1-2 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea




Tea Glass


Brewing Time

1-2 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea




Tea Pot


Brewing Time

1-2 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea


Adjust the amount of tea based on your own taste

Brewing Guide

Among many tea wares, we recommend you use (Yixing) Clay Teapot or Gaiwan to brew this most characteristic Chinese tea. The clay teapot used to brew Oolong tea in Gongfu style is specific tiny whose volume is normally around 100ml – 200ml. Or you can also brew it by using normal-sized Teapot with more tea leaves.

For simple glass vessel/teapot style:

Use 100°C hot water to infuse tea leaves for around 1-2 minutes. Re-steep for around 5-6 further infusion. (Adjust by personal taste).

For Gongfu Style:

  • Warm the Gaiwan/tiny teapot with hot water; discard the water afterward
  • Add 1g Oolong tea for every 20ml – 30ml of water (recommend 8g tea leaves, adjust by personal taste)
  • Pour hot water (100 °C) into the clay teapot / Gaiwan, tilt it, slowly rotating it two times and quickly discard the water (this step is for waking up tea leaves and stimulating the special aroma of the oolong tea)
  • Refill clay teapot/Gaiwan with hot water
  • Infuse tea for around 2-3s for the first brew, less than 5s for the second brew and then repeat 10 times. After the tenth brewing, extend an extra 5-8s infusion time for the following brew.
  • Pour the steeped tea into serving cup and divided into small teacups and serve
  • Repeat around 20 times for this super mellow Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea

Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province


Chaozhou City is in the eastern part of Guangdong which is the evergreen city. The climate there is mild and belongs to the south subtropical maritime climate. The average annual temperature is around 21.4 ℃ and the annual rainfall is about 1685.9mm.

The weather of the tea producing area inside Chaozhou City is cloudy and rainy because of the high latitude and the short duration of the day. Winter is not very cold there but it’s as foggy as the spring, and the summer is not intensely hot but is as rainy as the autumn.

The soil types normally can be divided into four categories: yellow, red, latosolic red and paddy soil. The yellow soil and red soil are mainly distributed above the 400 metres sea level, with a PH level between 4.5 and 6.5, while the soil layer is thick and is rich in organic matters (the organic content is around 3.81% to 4.26%) and dozens of trace elements. These organic matters and trace elements undergo a series of chemical reactions such as metabolism and transpiration and then be transported to the tea buds and tea leaves lead to the increase of nitrogen metabolites which directly determines the formation of the special flavour of the Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong. The mother tea tree of this specific Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea is planted in yellow soil.

Harvest & Production

Cultivar and Picking

The name of the ‘Dan Cong’ means the single shrub of tea cultivars. It is selected from the high-quality Phoenix Shuixuan Species Group, cultivated, and picked individually. There are many sub-cultivars under the group of Phoenix Shuixian cultivars, and each individual shrub has its own characteristic in terms of the leaf and shape of the tea tree.

According to the different quality of the raw materials generated from Phoenix Shuixuan Species Group and different levels or sophistication of production processes, the quality of its sub-cultivars from high to low can be divided into Phoenix Dan Cong, Phoenix Lang Cai, and Phoenix Shuixian. In simple words, Phoenix Dan Cong can be regarded as the upgraded version of Phoenix Shuixian.

Phoenix Dan Cong has dozens of strains and types. According to the introduction of Chaozhou Phoenix tea tree resources, Phoenix tea can have 79 kinds of different natural flower flavours, 12 kinds of natural fruit aroma and 16 kinds of other fragrances.

Phoenix Dan Cong is plucked before or after Pure Brightness (April 4th, 5th, or 6th).

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