2016 Fu Ding Shou Mei White Tea

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Our Shou Mei is produced in Pan Xi Town, Fu Ding City, Fujian province in China. Within the white tea family, this tea is a relatively aged one because it contains a large amount of mature tea leaves. It is plucked after the pick of White Peony tea and the White Hair Silver Needle tea. Its material is Da Bai Large white tea leaves, Shui Xian tea leaves or the group-species Xiao Cai Cha tea tree leaves as the raw materials. It normally uses the picking standard of “one bud with two or three mature tea leaves”. However, due to the low yield of Xiao Cai Cha nowadays, our 2016 Fu Ding Shou Mei is using Fu Ding Da Bai tea leaves as its raw material.

If White Hair Sliver Needle tea is like a beautiful young girl, our Shou Mei is like a mature and wise lady or like ripe grapes, which have a mellow and strong taste.

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Appearance & Taste

The Shou Mei tea leaves are plump and curled, just like the eyebrows of the god of longevity. In ancient China, the god of longevity is called ‘Shou Xing’ and ‘Mei’ means eyebrows, and therefore the tea is called ‘Shou Mei’. The dry Shou Mei tea leaves look like a bunch of scattered dead leaves. However, as the opposite of its unimpressive appearance, the taste of the tea is very pleasant as it has a mellow and fresh floral aroma and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste with a unique white tea flavour. Our 2016 Fu Ding Shou Mei has been aged for several years, and as a result, it also contains a jujube and lotus aroma. The colour of the tea soup is in clear bright orange/yellow without any impurities.





Brewing Time

5-6 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea




Tea Glass


Brewing Time

5-6 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea




Tea Pot


Brewing Time

5-6 MINS

Enjoy Your Tea


Adjust the amount of tea based on your own taste

Brewing Guide

1For simple glass vessel/teapot brewing:

Use 3g Shou Mei for 125ml teacup or Gaiwan, 6g Shou Mei for 250ml glass or 12g Shou Mei for 500ml teapot.

Use 100°C hot water to infuse the tea leaves for around 5-6 minutes. Re-steep for around two or three times.

2Using Gongfu Style:

The detailed brewing guide is below:

  • Warm the teaware with hot water. Discard the water afterward
  • Add 5g of tea leaves (1g tea for every 30ml to 50ml water or adjust by personal taste)
  • Fill the teaware with 100°C hot water.
  • Infuse the tea for around 5s for the first brew, while the second brew is around 10s, then gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brews
  • Can be refilled for 4-5 times.

Fujian province


The origin of this Shou Mei is Pan Xi Town, Fu Ding City, Fujian province in China. 90% of the area in Pan Xi town belongs to a high mountain area, with an overall elevation of around 600-1200 metres. The forest coverage rate of this town is over 88% while the greening rate is over 96%. Its primitive environment manages to preserve many ancient trees, with 318 registered well-known ancient trees in the area.

In the morning and evening, the mountains are surrounded by clouds, fogs and mists, so the rainfall there is abundant. Despite the high elevation of the entire town, there is still plenty of sunlight for better growth of the tea trees, which is conducive to the synthesis of amino acids and nitrogen-containing aromatics inside teas. The quality of the white tea produced from Pan Xi town is always at the top grades.

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4 reviews for 2016 Fu Ding Shou Mei White Tea

  1. Patrick

    I had never tried a white tea before and found this one very pleasant and relaxing! Will buy it again.

  2. Bianca K.

    Delicious white tea and great value. Thank you!

  3. Kaitlyn D.

    This is a real tea-lovers tea. Complex, strong and full of character. It looks lovely in the cup and feels like a real treat to sit back and enjoy.

  4. Henry C.

    Visually, this tea reminds us of the fallen leaves of Autumn. Flavour-wise, it is very subtle and floral.

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